Before buying solar lanterns, you should remember that there are lots of products out there that come with different features, so don’t assume that each one does the same thing.

Read the description of the product carefully to see exactly what it does before you buy it. Here are some of the features you look out for:

Does the light flicker?

Not all solar lights have the flickering feature. If you want the lantern to look and feel realistic, then you should look for one that flickers.

Is it rustproof?

To charge the lantern, you will need to place it outdoors, so you can expect it to get wet now and again. If you are purchasing a lantern for your yard, especially if it is going to be a permanent feature in your garden, make sure it is rustproof. 

Does it have an automated function? 

Some solar lanterns have an on and off automated function which can prove useful.

What color light does it omit?

Most solar lanterns produce white or yellow lights, however, you can also purchase devices that produce red, blue and green lights too. If you want the light the same color as other lights in your yard, it is vital that you check what color it produces as you might not be able to change it down the line. 

Is it waterproof?

Most solar lanterns are waterproof, however, just to make sure you read the description carefully.

What are the different power options? 

Some have more than just one way of charging and powering the device. 

Hanging options

Some have a hook or a handle so that you can hang it off something in your yard. If you are planning to hang the device on a tree or a hook in the garden, make sure you see what hanging solar lanterns are available. 

For more information about certain makes and models, there are plenty of people posting reviews and other details about solar lanterns online. 

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