Norbert Spyth has joined our shop


noorbert3    norbet4

norbert2  norbert

Norbert Spyth retired in Kelowna in 1997 he is 81 years old and after being an engineer and Die & Tool maker decided to keep busy by creating these beautiful pieces of art. Norbert read books most of his life such as history of early mosaics,architecture,metal arts and stained glass art. His art education is self taught and his experience comes from trial and error. Starting out with stained glass designs of his own design, but soon was working on mosaics using left over glass. His art glass works are rendered in two and three dimentional pieces. Norbert’s  work has been commisioned in several residential installations. He has become a juried artist since 2006 in Lake Country Art Walk. In 2010 Norbert Spyth has learned the art of Scratchboard in black and white or coloured with inks. Norbert has done many pet portraits,flowers and landscapes in this medium. Glenmore Gift Gallery is very happy to have his beautiful pieces in our gift store!

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