Surviving the Digital World

Reviving Traditional Values with a Dream and Passion:

In today’s ever evolving and changing digital world we live in, there has been a huge disconnect with traditional values and the “human” factor of the retail marketplace. I am writing this story in hopes of sparking an understanding and perhaps keeping a small foothold on what use to be the essence of a small retail store.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am fully aware of the positive role the digital world has played in marketing and informing the public of what retail stores both small and large have to offer. What is missing is, in my opinion, the one on one personal human connection between the business owner and the customer who walks into the store to purchase what they are looking for.

Hence when my wife who is the love of my life, my partner and my most trusted friend lost her position of over 8 years running a gift store for a large pharmaceutical company, was the beginning of dream and a passion of ours to revive in whatever small way we can the essence of what we believe a small business retail store should be.

So let me begin by asking you this. When was the last time you were inspired and felt good about the purchase you just made? When was the last time you felt that the person or owner of the store that you visited actually cared about you or even acknowledged that you were there? The “human” factor is what the digital retail industry is losing out on in a big way.

After having lost her job, my wife Michelle (after much debate and convincing on my part and loving friends) opened up her own retail gift store on November 1st 2015 and called it Glenmore Gift Gallery. This was not to be just another gift store but a store with a concept of being unique, inspiring, and attentive to customers’ needs and most importantly supporting our very talented local Artisans.

It is now coming up to a year of being in business for Michelle and although it was a lot of hard work and long hours, the concept and dream has become reality and Glenmore Gift Gallery now proudly supports over 30 local Artisans! The positive comments and feedback from our customers have been tremendous and inspire us to keep the traditional values alive.

We who live in this beautiful area of the Okanagan Valley must do our best to support the small local businesses, for it is the small family locally owned shops that keep our community a special place to live and visit!

Thank you for reading this and please remember to support your local small businesses before we become extinct and replaced by the digital cyberspace retail industry.

Brian Potzkai

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